Posted by: Anna | March 25, 2010

Yes, I am Vain

I have this huge obsession with my skin.  Or maybe it’s not that bad, because if I was so obsessed it would look great all the time.  My biggest insecurity is my skin.  The skin on my face.  Ever since the age of twelve it started, and has stopped at times, but it always starts again.  I really don’t think it’s fair, I have tried many, many things.  And of course any toxic stuff my body holds is purged through my skin which sucks because I, my readers, have little self control.

I was dairy, wheat, sugar free for about three years of my life.  My skin was probably the best then.  I was also on birth control and so that seemed to help me all around.  When I decided to get off of the pill my skin freaked out.  It was horrible.  Now, I don’t get pimples, I get cystic acne.  I’ve almost just mastered applying make-up, it’s not a choice for me sometimes, and it’s a must. I rather go squeaky clean, but ewww, no freakin’ way.  Cystic acne is indeed very noticeable, lasts long and hurts.  It sucks.  I fell off the healthy diet when I became pregnant, well sort of.  How could I resist ice cream when I was pregnant? No way. People would actually feed me ice cream at work as a perk because they knew how happy the sugar and chocolate made me.  I was healthy, but I indulged more. When I finally stopped nursing I went crazing eating everything I hadn’t eaten in about four years, including fast food! Oh, Taco Bell had never tasted so good.

Now, I need to give up all sugar, drink gallons of water a day,  take vitamins , eat super healthy and give up my amazing craze for desert.  So, hopefully if I tell you that I’m going to start takign care of myself, for the sake of my skin, maybe then I will hold myself more responsible.   Plus, I’m going to be a bridesmaid next month, yikes! Got to hurry! Plus weddings mean family, and my family is cruel in pointing out my skin. “Oh, Annie, look at your skin.” Hello, like no sit, people, I have a freakin’ mirror, and thanks to you my insecurity just grew that much more.



  1. AS you know, I struggle with cystic acne too. I’ve spent a small fortune on potions and powders but I think diet and lifestyle are going to have to be made to make it better. That, and make up tips from you!

    Oh! And every time I go home and I’m broken out my grandma extend her super long finger and points right at the spot and exclaims “WOW! You have a zit!” Thanks Grandma. Like I didn’t know.

  2. Ha ha, yes Stephanie, between the both us we can form a support group and manage!

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