Posted by: Anna | March 18, 2010


Last night over dinner my brother was giving my mom and I a hard time because we kept cooing over Joey and how well he was behaving an eating.  I stopped him right there, because I am eight years older than my brother and when he was a baby I would treat him as such.  I would always be cooing over him, playing with him, torturing him and my sister and always taking their picture! 

 Eddie: “You would always make me pose and take my picture.  What was all the weird posing?”

Mom: “Would she dress you up and dresses and do your make-up?”

Eddie: “Hello no! Joey don’t ever let your mom do that to you!”

Like I would ever do that.

Me: “See, I always was carrying a camera around. Fashion, posing, I have always been obsessed.”

Eddie: “Dude, that is so right, you were always like, “Eddie do this, Eddie pose here”.”

Case in point, here.

My baby brother

Although my brother isn’t my sweet little munchkin’ the way he used to be.  He has a mind of his own with a body full of art, that as soon as I bought my camera I barged into his room and said, “Okay, take off your shirt, let’s see what I can do here. “


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