Posted by: Anna | March 17, 2010

Because You Rock My World…

In October of 1987 at about 8am I was about four years old and throwing one of my infamous fits.  I wanted to wear the blue dress, NOT the red dress Mommy!  My mom was eight months pregnant with my sister and told me, “If you do not put this dress on now, you will see how bad the room will shake.”  Little did she know, just about thirty seconds later the Whittier Narrows Earthquake hit, just a few towns nearby, and boy did it hit hard.

She put that dress on me faster than a blink and plopped me atop of her ginormous belly.  Let me tell you, you threaten a child, but you never think THAT is going to happen. I was quite now, clinging to my mommy for dear life.  I remember her trying to get through the kitchen but everything from the cabinets had fallen out and shattered all over the floor.  The sugar, the salt, all made it difficult for her to get through.  The brooms were blocking the entrance and she just held me tight, patiently as I swore I would never NOT listen to my mommy ever again.

We made it safe after the quake.  We lived in some apartments at the time in Los Angeles and the entire apartment building tilted to a side, we had to evacuate and never returned after that October day. 

We were honestly lucky our building didn’t collapse.  And though I was very young, I remember every detail, especially my mother’s belly, because it was only a month later that we were in new apartments and we welcomed my sister, who forever changed my life.  Four years after my sister was born, we welcomed a boy, finally, who would complete our family of five.

Today is my mother’s birthday.  She thinks the whole month is her birthday, but today she celebrates her life and she has had a great life.  My mother has immigrated to the states, married and had children at a very young age, became a grandmother at a young age (you’re welcome mom) and has the strength of more than ten grown men put together.

So because I adore my mom, love her to death, I remember today not as St. Patrick ’s Day, but my mom’s birthday.

Happy Birthday...

Happy Birthday Mom.  Thank you for teaching me what it’s like to be a woman.  Thank you for teaching me to have enough balls to do the things I love, respect myself and have a heart of gold.  May I be just as good of a mother, partner, woman and grandmother as you. I love you.


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