Posted by: Anna | March 16, 2010

David Beckham, Watch Your Back

With his proud granpa

I remember the days when Joey was learning how to walk.  It was around his first birthday and my dad, mom and I spent every second we could teaching him and just being on the floor with him.  Joey has this amazing contagious laugh that you can’t help but smile when he laughs, let alone crack up yourself.

Making everyone laugh.

We were pretty much booked this weekend and I could say I enjoyed if not relished in every single minute of it.  Through every single playdate we attended to visiting the park twice alone and with grandpa I was always in amazement in how big Joey is getting. 

Such a great kicker.

How polite, adventurous and skilled he is.  Every time he woke up from a nap he asked he we can play.  “Mama, I want to play with you.”  He asked me countless times as I was cleaning and cooking.  So we spent hours at the park this weekend as I caught up with grandpa’s training on soccer.  Can Joey kick a ball? Hell yes.  I’m thinking David Beckham and his sons better watch their back.  Because lookie here, he’s already molding into a future rockstar/genius/star soccer player.  Game on.

Just wait for then more least.


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