Posted by: Anna | March 9, 2010


This past weekend I flew to Chicago alone.  JB was in charge of Joey for three days and it was awesome.  My college buddy Jessica is getting married in three weeks and we decided since we rarely see each other, that instead of me traveling to witness her walk down the aisle and look mighty beautiful that I would fly out before and spend the three days with her.  We planned on doing whatever and as much as we can.  And let me tell you, this past weekend reminded me that I am …

1)      No longer 21

2)      I do have a hard time running around town in heels

3)      It was indeed so much fun to drink with the girls.

Upon conversing on the way to visit her parents we stopped for lunch and got into a heated argument as to why I was missing on her 21st birthday at one of the hottest clubs in Scottsdale.

Me: “Jessica, I don’t think you invited me!  I swear I would have been there.”

Jess: “No, I totally did. Nicole and Denise flew out and that bouncer did that thing, remember?”

Me:  “That thing? Wait, maybe I WAS THERE!  Let me see the pictures.”

Jess:  “You’re not in any! Why weren’t you there?”

A couple of hours later as we are retelling the story to her friend Denise…

Denise: “Wait, Anna. How old were you that July when Jess turned 21.”

Me: (Literally laughing so hard I almost peed my pants), “Wait, I was under age! Ha! That’s why I missed the party! I WAS NOT 21 yet Jess!”

Jess: “No way, stupid excuse you so had a fake ID!”

So we couldn’t solve the mystery as to why I didn’t illegally attend the bash and get almost as tipsy as I did this past weekend. But either way we had such a blast.

With Jessica...soon to be bride.


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