Posted by: Anna | February 25, 2010

WHITE hair….

Last night I was giving Joey a bath….wait, he was in the bathtub while I quickly brushed my teeth, washed my face and observed the five freaking’ WHITE hairs I found on top of my head in my scrunched up bun. I swear I looked like a troll.   The day was already one of those days as soon as I went into Joey’s room and he had decided to empty out the entire box of band aids and tear them into pieces and stick him all over his body.

You know, I like to think I am a good mom.  But sometimes I have my moments, which I would like to defend myself, my moments are caused by the people that are suppose to love me and tell me I’m a great mom.  Instead, I’m not good enough, or so they try to say between the fucking lines of shit they think I am swallowing.  And it makes me very angry or resentful.  But I know as a grown up and a mom who enjoys to give that I am badass mom.  I do everything with only one pair of hands, one pair of feet, one pair of eyes, a pair of ears and a HUGE heart.  So when someone pretends I have an extra five hands and feet and another heart lying around to bash, I do get upset.  Because as a parent, we all do the best we can with what we have.

So as I was picking through my hair last night like a monkey my brother walks in to play with Joey, and I say, “Look, look at my hair! I already have grey hair, there are like five pieces in just this little section!”  And he smiles and reaches for my head and says, “Ha ha ha, yeah, I guess that’s what kids do to you, you are really stressed now huh?”  I do laugh now, because really my kid doesn’t stress me out that much.  Joey is non-stop, he constantly gallops everywhere, is bouncing off walls, is pealing band-aids and stickers and empting out his entire toy box every night, but he is two in a half and last time I checked that is what two year olds do.  Joey also is very polite, always smiling, tells you exactly what he wants, and he can put on socks, put on some sort of clothes, and knows only to read and play in this room when mommy is in the shower, because he secretly knows my two pair of eyes are EVERYWHERE!

So now I HAVE to dye my hair because inherited white hair early, right? Or maybe it is the stress.  I’m only in my mid twenties people, it’s not because I’m old.  Or maybe one of the side effects of being a badass single mom is WHITE HAIR! That’s the answer I am going with. Now I’m happy.


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