Posted by: Anna | February 22, 2010



I had the pleasure of hanging out with a girlfriend of mine over the weekend.  I was so excited for her visit, although technically she was visiting family, but like friends she finds the time to fit me in.  Di and I became friends in high school, over ten years ago. (Shit that makes me feels just a little old.)

She’s the type of friend you call up and have conversations like we just saw each other yesterday. She is the kind of friend that can pull your head out of your ass and always be positive no matter the result. 

She is also the kind of friend that can get lost in a club in Vegas and still look hot doing it….She also comes accompanied with a large family that always feels like a louder, bolder extension of my family. 

My ears are still ringing from her visit and my face still hurts from laughing. I mean look at her, she even looks good with a garden on her head.


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