Posted by: Anna | February 12, 2010

Some information I would like to share…

Sometimes I get a lot of shit for the way I think, do, decide, and how I believe my son should be raised.  I have pretty thick skin so I can let the words bounce off me, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t penetrate a little and hurt.  Because after all, look, I am a mom, a single mom, who does the best she can. 

Let me tell you, the day I found out I was pregnant was a day that I still cannot put into words here.  It changed my life completely.  The circumstances in which it happened were not ideal.  But with that challenge I saw a blessing.  I saw an amazing life growing inside my womb and I did the best I could from that moment to be the healthiest, strongest mom “I” could be.

I stopped wearing anything scented, I ate mostly and only organic (except for when I had cravings, seriously, cravings are hard to deny), I stopped coloring my hair, wearing any lotions that were not organic…etc. I’m sure some or many of you think I am ridiculous.  That is fine. I do what I do with the knowledge that is presented to me. 

I have learned to eat well.  When Joey was born I made the decision to breast feed Joey.  My goal was one whole year.  I made it ten months.  Then he was formula fed.  He also had solids, which included me ONLY purchasing fruits, veggies and food that was organic.  The first years of a child’s life are the most important development wise.  I wouldn’t dare give Joey crap.  But I had learned the benefits of eating organic, of making my baby’s own food, so I took the time to do it. 

I thought this video had great information and I simply want to pass it along.


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