Posted by: Anna | February 8, 2010

Another Skin Care Find that Rocks!

I tend to have a complex about my skin, my scars, and the size of my pores.  It’s awful.  Sometimes I really don’t give a shit what people think of me, but I can’t help obsessing over the health of my skin. I learned later in life (I’ve had acne on and off since I was twelve), in my very early twenties that everything I put in my body came out through my face. It really sucked, as I have a huge obsession with sweets.  Once I get started, it is very difficult for me to stop. Then when I get upset or stressed I crave fried food. 

I have learned to drink A LOT of water and to eat healthy, to learn to have some damn self control. I take supplements and drink green drinks and protein drinks because I never have enough time in the day to eat whatever my body truly needs. (Joey also takes vitamins and drinks healthy stuff, thank God).

I am always searching for the best, doesn’t kill my pocket, skin stuff. Like for example, Josie Maran’s Argan Oil and make-up I talked about here, and another find.  Now, Sephora is great for samples. And I received this AMAZING sample of a face cream, which I combine with the Argan oil, has dramatically altered the appearance of my skin.  I mean, it’s fucking unbelievable. The moisturizer…

Miracle Worker, by Philosophy

miracle worker, by Philosophy

And I am only gushing about it, because if you had seen me a few months ago and now, wow, I am beside myself.  And now with the Argan oil, I think I am set.  My favorite part of this moisturizer is it is also paraben free, sulfate free, etc…you can read about it here.  Now, I am not an expert of any sort, but I know what good skin ‘stuff’ is and I try to not eat too much junk or put too much gunk on my skin, and these products have ridiculously made a difference in my skin.

Behold, the face.

Using miracle worker and josie maran's products mentioned above

Now this stuff may not work for everyone, but it sure as hell worked for me! Enjoy!



  1. For real? that’s awesome!!

  2. Jas, yes. Although I had a hiccup on my skin lately, this stuff is awesome and made my skin glow. 🙂

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