Posted by: Anna | February 5, 2010

Lucky and Fat

Lately I have been busy, busy, busy.  One thing I love to do is look back of Joey’s pictures when he was a baby.  And I ran into some amazing shots, not AMAZING, but it reminded me of my crazy family and their amazing support.

If you have been reading my blog at all or know me at all, yes, I am a single mommy.  I have an amazing support group that I do take for granted.  One thing I would advise, if anyone cared to ask me, is get married with the love of your life before you have children.  Why?  Because as a woman…

1. You have your partner to back you up

2. Once you have a child, that love, right there, that is LOVE, unconditional love, it’s hard to get better than that or decide to compare

3. You can really yell at some one in the delivery room and cry without feeling bad. (BTW, I did not cry. I Am a Hard Ass)

So, that being said, because I know you didn’t ask, I had ‘sudo’ partners.  I had my mom, my dad, my sister and my brother.

My brother rocked! He was sixteen at the time and he was my craving runner.  I wanted something, he NEVER hesitated giving it to me. When my body decided to double in size and prohibit me from waddling around, my brother was there to help it.  It was pretty cool.

My mother was my support.  Boy, I know every woman who gets along with their mother appreciates that.  I was no different than my other four pregnant friends at the time and the attachment they had with their mom’s.  I was however lucky enough to boot my dad out of the bed, because their bed was much more comfortable.  So fear not, its true, I didn’t have a husband rub my belly or my back at night, but I wasn’t in that much pain anyway.  But mom was there to feel the baby kick, because God knows, when the baby kicked I would announce it to the world. If you were lucky or unlucky (however you may see it) to be near me, I would grab your hands because feeling my little boy kick around was just the coolest thing. And I embarrassed alot of people, most men, because they thought I was weird. I wasn’t. I was just a fat happy woman.

My sister lived away, but would like to come and remind my womb tenant that she was very around, bringing me ice cream with each visit.

Then, there was my dad.  He made sure I ate and didn’t do anything remotely dangerous that could harm the baby.  He was there for that extra love and rubbing of the belly with over excitement.

Yeah, these pictures were taken a few years ago now, but they remind me of the support and excitement my family shared with me with the arrival of Joey.  They were all very excited to meet my little man.  And he for sure did not disappoint.

So on to the pictures.  Jeez… picture number one. The bro and sis in their glory. I was so use to my brother giving me what I WANTED, that once Joey was born we were having this amazing fried chicken dinner. And he decided to take the last piece!  I was so upset, I yelled at him “I’m pregnant, give me that piece!”  Where he responded, “Nope, not anymore, mine. There is your 1 month old, right there.”

So I responded back, “Hah! I’m breastfeeding! I need to eat double!”  Guess who won the last fried chicken then? That’s right.

Picture number two.  I love ice cream, so being pregnant I could eat a pint of Ben and Jerry’s in one sitting, and then I would be so upset because I didn’t save any for later. So, two days before I had to be induced my sister and mother drove me twenty miles to this amazing place called the Sugar Bowl in downtown Scottsdale for some banana splits.  (Look at my cheeks!)  My sister ordered a sundae and I of course ordered a banana split.  My mom ordered NOTHING.  She thought WE, her and I, were going to share!!!  I was like, “Girl, you are crazy.  This is all mine”. I swear, a little fat person got inside of me while pregnant, I was obsessed with food.

Alas, I am pretty damn lucky, blessed, freakin’ blessed to have my crazy loving family around.

Surprise baby shower thrown by my sister

The last massive banana split desert


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