Posted by: Anna | February 5, 2010

Another make-up addiction

I am a makeup fin.  And I love organic.  But I had never made the combination of the two, until now.

I was literally jumping for joy when I received this amazing set by Josie Maran cosmetics in the mail because they are natural, non toxic, eco-friendly and beautiful!!!

This set here Earth Day Essentials Kit rocks! It has a full size mascara in black, black eye liner, a cream blush, a Plumping Lip Gloss and a sample size of Argan oil, which by the way, has done tremendous things to my skin already—I’m addicted!

Earth Day Essentials Kit, $48

Josie Maran’s slogan: Luxury with a Conscience stays very true to form.  I would recommend jumping on her site and checking it out. Not only does she say what she wants to develop, the woman does it.  And she’s a gorgeous mommy, model, and entrepreneur! (snap snap)

I’m in the process of trying everything on and taking tons of pictures to display the beautiful makeup on muah!



  1. […] kill my pocket, skin stuff. Like for example, Josie Maran’s Argan Oil and make-up I talked about here, and another find.  Now, Sephora is great for samples. And I received this AMAZING sample of a […]

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