Posted by: Anna | February 4, 2010

Meltdown number two

Between Joey and I having the Flu, the past week has included a few melt downs.  And mine are fine; I’m all good now, thanks.

But Joey on the other hand, oh boy.  Now, for anyone who has never dealt with a two year old, they are just drama central.  All two year olds, especially boys like my son I hear, can easily take Abigail Breslin a run for her money, because they are all great actors, and manipulative little creatures, very cute.

Last night as I gave Joey his bubble extra early, the earlier to bed the more joyous he is in the morning.  Joey was playing with these amazing colors that the some genius invented (seriously, who comes up with this crap, but just thank God some people do) when all of a sudden he just bursts into tears.  Now typical as it may be, his screams meant SOMETHING. I analyzed him and asked what was wrong.  All he could blurt out was “Mama, no! Mama, it hurts! Don’t touch!”  Now I’m secretly freaking out now, analyzing every body part for a scratch, a bruise, something!  Nothing, he just kept crying.

Finally the light bulb went on inside my tiny little head.  “Honey, are you ready for bed?”  That’s when the noise got louder, kind of like Boo in Monsters, Inc. (by the way, love that movie), “Yes! I’m tired. Bed time!”  And all I can think about “Wow, score. Hurry your ass up mom so the kid could sleep”.  Now I’m not sure how often this will happen, but at that point, when the tears would not stop, I knew hugs were a huge must.  Because last week when I had my particular melt down with a side of a fever and a snotty nose, someone to cuddle and hug and tell me everything would have been fine would have probably worked.  And I was cradling my tall little boy, I was kind of sad.  He fell right into baby mode.  His eyes were heavy and it kind of reminding me of the book  I’ll Love you Forever, because that is exactly how I felt.  I am that mom cradling her son, and every time I think that one day he will be all grown, Oh, I kind of freak.  Because no matter how big he gets, how dramatic he is or how crazy he makes me, that moment, right there, when his legs were falling off my lap because he is just about half my size now, that what being a crazy mommy is all about.

Even though Joey looks like this now,



Holding him reminds me of this,

Needing mommy


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