Posted by: Anna | January 21, 2010

Since I love food so much

One of the things that I enjoy doing is cooking. I actually only love cooking if my son loves what I made. If he doesn’t eat it, I usually cry and make another thing until I am accepted as a chef. Seriously, I am really hard on myself. I’m sure the self judgment stems from having a mother who is an amazing cook. My brother and father always compare me to her.  I have to always cook like mom, but give me a break, I am such a messy cook, and at least I try.

In order for me to come up with healthy foods for Joey, I buy cook books. One of my favorite cook books is Superfoods: For Babies and Children by Annabel Karmel, actually I own two of them and they rock.

When Joey was a baby I made all of his food. I cooked and pureed everything that went into his mouth.  As he got older and as we got busier and started to slack but I hate giving him anything processed or premade by the store.  So in order to save my sanity and improve his immune system I go by this and make easy recipes.

Now, if I can wake up in the morning, put make up on, work, pick up Joey and cook…believe me you can do it to. Hope you like. Eat up!


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