Posted by: Anna | January 15, 2010

I’m Gagaloo over Gaga

Growing up I was not allowed to listen to music. (Gasp) Actually, I was not allowed to do many things. I can write a huge list but you would laugh at me and some are so weird, so let me think of the most embarrassing stuff just to amuse you.

  1. NO radio, only religious songs.
  2. NO staying over my best friend’s house, they were only allowed to stay over my house.
  3. When my friend did stay over I had to read her the bible.
  4. I was not allowed to think I was going to be a Laker girl when I grew up.
  5. I was told if I wore a tampon I would lose my virginity to that tampon. (I’m not fucking kidding!) That was real.

I am actually very grateful for my friends who taught me how to curse, wear lip liner, and I finally figured out who Michael Jackson was when I was eleven.

So now, as a mom, I always think, no parent is perfect. I turned out fine.  Yeah, still wish I was a Laker girl, but I can just dance at home. And I have a wonderful son who I will not say NO to extremes, but I will remember how it was to be a teenager.  One, I didn’t say never, I just say I will try to be real.  (Note to parents, the more you say no, the more your kids are likely to sneak around doing things you say no too. Embrace your kids and love them). I only say this because in my family I have like 50,000 cousins and their parents set unrealistic standards overshadowing the mistakes done by them.

So anyway, moving along to my not allowed to listen to music statement.  I now allow myself to listen to any type of music my heart desires and my booty wishes to dance too.  I let Joey listen to most of it, but I do forbid bad language. I am a mommy after all. 

One of my absolute huge obsessions is Lady Gaga.  I love Lady Gaga. I mean I adore Lady Gaga and freak out every time I listen to her and I just have to dance. I know, Just dance.  Joey also can bust a move and sing along with me and it is so cute to watch.

When I went to Montana for Christmas we had to go to Las Vegas first. We stayed overnight at the Palms.  We stayed there, at the exact same hotel Lady Gaga was staying in and performing.  Yet I had no tickets and I couldn’t take Joey with me anyway!  I almost died.  I planned on camping out in the lobby to wait for her return from her concert, but I figured a 2 year old wouldn’t like it that much.  So I slept, so sad I missed her.

Today I saw her on Oprah.  And can I just say how much I love that she was on Oprah.  I love how Oprah does these amazing interviews with amazing people.  And Gaga is cool peeps.  She made me cry and she is so unbelievably sweet and humble.  She is definitely creative, extremely talented and yes, I know, kind of really out there. But eh hem, so was Madonna, David Bowie and Boy George. All people I didn’t have the opportunity to obsess over as a child.  Now as a mom I obsess over Gaga.  I am so Gagaloo for her.  So Gagaloo I’m thinking of wearing a hair bow to work every day.

Lady Gaga Hair Bow



  1. Isn`t it just amazing the things we weren`t allowed to do growing up?!?! And yes i wasnLt allowed tampons for a very long time LOL I will be recording O today cause i love her too almost as much as I love Madonna 😉

  2. Jen, I know. The tampon thing still cracks me up!

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