Posted by: Anna | January 7, 2010

Introducing: Women

I began writing this blog because one, I have a huge passion for writing, and two my son and motherhood are inspirational.

I am obsessed with reading. I am obsessed with writing. I am also very obsessed and in love with my son, motherhood and life. I am happy and very much enjoy being surrounded by happy and positive people.

I have written before here why I started this blog. I wanted to give you of a little more insight of what I love to read on a daily basis.

I read a few blogs daily from women mostly and maybe once in a while dads. I find people who are honest and pour their hearts out to be extremely inspiring. It is difficult to be honest because there is always someone out there trying to bring you down. Even though, many of these writers are amazing at painting vivid pictures, educating their readers, brining things to reader’s attention and pouring their heart out.

Girls Gone Child
Rebecca Wolf is a mother of two and I adore her. I have never met the woman, but she is very into fashion, in love with her kids and such an amazing writer. She makes me cry regularly.

Heather Armstrong is hilarious. She pours her heart out, she posts some of the best pictures I have seen, and he is unapologetically honest.

Michelle Boudreaux is funny and witty. She covers a range of topics and I have recently found her utterly alluring.

Amanda is a Canadian mommy who talks about being health conscious, discussing eco-friendly products from make-up to baby clothing. She is cute and writes about things that I enjoy researching.

Josie Maran
As you may know by now, I am obsessed with makeup. Josie Maran, model turned mommy turned entrepreneur has her own conscious makeup line that is soo good for your skin. She writes about great organic and eco friendly tips for the family and fabulous make up tips as well.

Now I am not writing about these lovely women so you can never come here again, and leave me for them. But because these women, amazing writers in their own right, are all well versed, educated, articulate and inspiring. We all write to pour our heart outs and try to make a positive difference in people’s lives. We invite you to the deepest parts of our beings sometimes and it is only fair that our readers be a little nicer. Also, enjoy! They have a lot to say, and some of the stuff is VERY entertaining!


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