Posted by: Anna | January 4, 2010

The armpit story

You might think I’m weird, and I know that because every time I have to explain how Joey is obsessed with my armpits people give me a weird look. Like I chose for him to always want his tiny hands under my arm peanut butter and all. And I know, you might think I can stop this, but it is the most soothing thing to my baby and l look at it this way, I have a lot of proof to gently make fun of him when he gets older about how much he was obsessed with my scent and pits.

Good thing I shave and enjoy showering daily.

Since the day my son was born, Joey immediately breastfed and slipped his tiny hand under my arm. I didn’t realize then that it would become such a habit of his and such a soothing method for him. I have even cried because when he was a baby he would pinch me hard. And I didn’t have the heart to tell him to stop because she was so warm and cuddly.

Until he got older. I had to make him understand that no more! He could have his arm there and caress my pit, (I see you making a face), but he was no longer allowed to pinch so help me god. Now, Joey will even assure me that he will not hurt me, “Ma, no hurt K.”

He is so damn cute. I have no idea how long I can expect this to go on. He has even run up to me in public and pull my arm up so he can put his hand in my pit. Now I know to always make sure his hands are clean of chili, ketchup and peanut butter, because try cleaning and washing that off in a public bathroom. I’m just weirder than you thought right?


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