Posted by: Anna | December 31, 2009

May you have a Happy New Year

2009 was a year for me that I can’t put into words until maybe the second sentence.  Let me try again.  This year I was blessed with love, joy, pain, sickness and death.  I am still intact because I was only made stronger.  That sounds depressing but seriously, I have a lot to be thankful for… Joey and I are very happy.


No money can buy the genuine happiness we feel.  Yeah, the lottery may make things a bit easier, but the kind of happiness and giddiness that we feel when we are together, that is what makes this year fabulous for us.

So in light of the following instances that made up my year I hope you take peace with your year.  Here I go again exposing a softer side of me, please bear with me:

My little sister joined the Army and now lives in Alaska.

I decided to start this blog.

My parents decided to separate.

Joey turned 2.

I turned 26.

I went blonde.

I went brunette.

My dear uncle Ramon past away, my dad’s best friend.

My parents divorced.

We went to Montana.

We are happy.

My parents are still the best parent and grandparents.

We are all truly blessed.

From the bottom of my heart and ours, may you have a blessed and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!



  1. I almost cried! geez! Great post Annie.

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