Posted by: Anna | December 16, 2009

Currently in awe

I’m currently in awe.  In awe that we are approaching the end of 2009.  In awe that my son is so magnificently big, smart, amazing, beautiful and growing.  I look back at all the pictures of him and I cannot believe how lovely my little Joey is.  How crazy he makes me. How amazing he makes me feel with his hugs and his kisses.

Joey born August 9, 2007.

I feel extremely blessed, lucky, and in awe of Joey.  It’s not even his birthday or anything, but the pleasure and the giddiness that I feel when I see him.  When I hold him and he calls out to everyone.  How shocked people are at his politeness.  I only have one child, I cannot imagine having more, although I’m sure more will come and they will all melt my heart just the same.

My baby.

In the meantime I will appreciate every single second I have to spend with my little boy.  The love of my life who unconditionally has made my life extremely interesting and hilarious.

4 months old. True Bliss.


I could never get enough of him.


2 years old, and unable to hold him like I did before.


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