Posted by: Anna | December 9, 2009

Meant for someones nipples but use it for your tush

The other day I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine who is now a new mommy.  My friend and I use to be paryting buddies while attending college.  Oh, how things change. 

Anyway, in our conversation I apologized profusely because after seeing the baby only once or twice since birth in late October, I have not been back.  And really I felt HORRIBLE!  Because I remember how excited I would get when anyone would care enough to visit me and talk to me, I was home alone for about eight weeks and the thought of some excitement relieved me.

So we talked all the baby talk.  Which of course leads to talking about how sore your nipples feel, how fat you feel, and then talking about the hundreds of poopie diapers you have to change.  She stopped me at some point and said, “Can you believe we are now talking about diapers and shit and how sore our nipples felt!?  What happened to our partying and drinking days?” And I responded, “Those are the night time, drink and pump girl.”

And any mom knows that a diaper rash that can turn into severe turns your stomach, because your poor little baby is screaming bloody murder.

Introducing: Bag Balm.



I kid you not.  This is for cow utters, and sometimes I think, why the hell I didn’t discover it for my little baby feeders while I was breastfeeding!  Either way, this is a savor. Promise, wont irritate your baby’s bottom and it is magic!  The best thing ever created to use for your baby’s tush!

(You can usually get this at any drug store, just ask the pharmacist.)


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