Posted by: Anna | December 9, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas- Part 1

Christmas is just around the corner and there is so much craziness that involves the holidays.  Gift giving is such a huge component for Christmas, but for me it’s really about being together as a family and taking that time to reflect on some much that I am blessed with.

I love giving.  It just makes me soooo happy.  I guess I inherited that give a lot expect a little mentally from my parents. Christmas was not something we always celebrated growing up for financial reasons or religious reasons.  I actually remember making some gifts, (or regifting gifts I found at home) one year, because my parents for some reason or another decide not to celebrate Christmas.  My favorite types of gifts are homemade gifts, gifts you can personalize or something that someone really wanted and never expect!

These are some of my favorite gift ideas.  All prices range. These are items, ideas and sites that I seriously personally love and thought I can share that with all of you!


The Pajama Squid

 Not only do I love her blog, the name of her store, but the items you can find here are ridiculously unique, super cute and creative!

The Pajama Squid has adorable onesies, shoes and organic toys for the kiddos.

How cute are these Miniature Wooden Vehicle’s? $2.50-$12.50


 Tutu Mama’s

Michelle and partner are extremely talented. I wish I had a little girl every time I see her one of a kind creations!  And what little girl doesn’t like to dress in a tutu or have a cute bow on!

All items are handmade tutu’s, shirts and bows.  They come in any color you can dream off, sports, themed or just plain cute.

Tutu Mamas


One of my passions besides writing is photography.  I absolutely love it!  I have had the pleasure of being photographed by the following amazing photographers.  A photography session is not only an amazing gift for you, but for a family.  Nothing is more beautiful and greatly appreciated than a moment captured forever.

Loralei Photography

We had the pleasure of being photographed by Loralei about seven weeks after Joey was born.  I was very picky and I’m glad I was.  Loralei delivered some of my favorite pictures of Joey and us as a family.  She is truly professional and the quality is amazing.

 Klicken Photography

Barbie has shot some close friends of mine and is a truly talented photographer.  She has taken some of the cutest pictures locally.  One of my favorite pictures follows below.

Klicken Photography 2009


All sessions include 15-20 photos enhanced.



  1. Awwww…Thank you! This was the one we chose for Christmas cards.

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