Posted by: Anna | December 4, 2009

I didn’t think this could ever happen but I guess it can.

Nothing seems to amaze me more than a bunch of woman on a couple of martinis.

Let me rephrase that a little. 

Nothing seems to amaze me more than a bunch moms on a couple of martinis.

Maybe it’s the fact that moms, me, a mom, my friends who are moms, are terribly busy, cleaning, cooking, taking care and loving our children the best we can, that when we have the opportunity to actually let loose, we seem to lose it.  Hysterics.

This morning as I was driving listening to a teen sensation being interviewed on the radio, Justin Beiber, it remind me of the hysterics of last night.

Now, I have a two year old boy.  So I had no clue who this kid was. I know Mickey Mouse damn well but not Justin Beiber.  But boy o boy was he ever charming.  I was thinking that in ten years we could be the next Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher. (I kid, I kid, yuck! Can you imagine? )

However, the radio station had invited a bunch of girls to have breakfast with teen sensation Justin Beiber.  A bunch of horny, 15 year old girls who were sobbing and crying and yelling “I love you Justin!!!!” And the kid would reply back, “I love you too!”

(I think a couple of girls fainted.)  He was hamming it up and I was in hysterics listening to the outcries of those tween girls.  But I guess who can blame them?

Justin Beiber, Teen Sensation, 15 years old.

Now, when a bunch of mom’s finally have the opportunity to get together drink and dance, picture this, those sobbing horny girls are now adult women drinking letting loose with pieces of clothes flying off.  Anyone else up for a mom’s night out?

Enough said.


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