Posted by: Anna | November 30, 2009

The potty training story

I have heard horror stories about potty training. I have heard that you should read this book and that book.  And I never got around to it.  But I knew when I asked how many kids in Joey’s class were potty trained, and Joey was just about the last one.  I was like, “Oh dear God! Shit, sorry. I mean, okay, I’ll get started on that!”

And so I announced that I was going to start potty training Joey.

And now I feel a little guilty.  Joe and I left for a quick trip and Joey stayed with my mom. Grandma really put in all the hard work with the help of grandpa.  My mom called me up saying, “Joey is just so cute.  You will be very impressed.”  When we got home he was potty training.  He was in ‘big boy’ underwear, and let me tell you, this little body running around in only ‘big boy’ underwear is hilarious!  He had one accident a day, no biggie.  Well yeah, actually, when you have to wash poop from underwear, even though it’s your child, you’re looking for who is going to give you a raise.  That was not in the job description under:

Looking for the best mommy ever. ( will clean shit from a baby’s ass and the occasional accident) ewwww….

This weekend we went on another trip and Joey came with us.  He is now only wearing his ‘big boy’ underwear, but we decided a diaper may be more appropriate since we would be driving long hours. 

His diaper remained dry!  Dry people!  He refused to pee and poop in it!  We even had to make emergencies stops on the side of the road so he can pee.

And mother’s of boys, they do start from a young age right?  Boys are fascinated about how far they can pee!  Joey was cracking up and telling daddy, “Daddy, look, look, pee!” Cracking up all at the same time.  And when we would stop for poop, he would run out and announce so happy to daddy his deposit.

So Joey now is officially potty trained and I can’t even take that much credit for it because his grandma, or nana, not abuela, was the one who put in all the effort one week ago.  Go grandma.


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