Posted by: Anna | November 25, 2009

Ice cream

One thing that has always made me happy is ice cream.  I LOVE ice cream.  And Joey has inherited my love for ice cream.  I’m not sure if it was the 1 pint a day I would eat ice cream while pregnant, hmmmmmm, as a reward I know he will be ecstatic for ice cream.  

Ice cream is a major treat in our house.  One because Joey is does not eat dairy or eggs because of his asthma, and two, ice cream just has too much sugar.  And it is never eaten on work night, (it’s like giving him a drug, he starts running and dancing and jumping off the walls.)

So here, since grandpa loves to spend time with Joey and reward him, we took him for some amazing Gelato a couple weeks back.  And boy oh boy were they loving it.


  Thankful the amazing relationship Joey has with each of his grandparents.  Here’s to you dad.


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