Posted by: Anna | November 19, 2009

Lions and Tigers and the H1N1 virus. Oh my!

A few weeks ago my son was struck with the Strep and the Flu. Gasp! The Swine Flu!  I hate calling it that, the H1N1.

Now, I never said anything to people because we, Joe and I, didn’t think it was that much of a big deal.  And neither did his doctor, whom I adore by the way. He always tells me that Joey is the cutest kid he has ever seen but I’m sure he tells everyone that.  But when he says it I totally believe him and agree with him!

Joey has asthma.  Joey hates vegetables.  I have to be very creative when it comes to cooking and making sure he does not eat dairy or eggs and has vitamins to supplement what he lacks in food.  I don’t deprive my son of anything but I do limit what he eats.  If he wants ice cream, then he CAN have ice cream.  It’s not like an everyday thing.  I have gotten good, not pretty good, just good at hiding vegetables in soups or sauces.  My kid eats like a piggy.  A piggy with manners. ( And he is so cute because while I am cooking he will run in the kitchen and say, “Mummy, thank you!” And once I serve him and sit down to eat with him he says again, “Mummy, thank you!” Joey is just so polite!”) But I digress.

The Swine Flu.  Joey has a little cousin that he adores to play with.  When they hang out they share almost everything, including germs.  So after finding out that his cousin was sick with the Flu, H1N1 virus, it so happened Joey didn’t feel well the evening after.  Joey didn’t have a fever but he was complaining that his throat hurt.  I was sick as well.  We both went to see the doctor.  I went to a woman, a D.O or M.D and that lady insisted, I mean almost politely badgered me into getting the flu shot!  I positively told her ten times or so, No thank you! “ But your son, he can get the flu. And its sooooooo dangerous”. Wow, that’s how they get people. I just don’t want the shot, thanks Dr. ( I ended up having a viral infection God knows where, I was good after two days, thank you very much.)

We then see the pediatrician, and I can totally tell he was super busy, but as soon as he walks in the room, it’s like we are the only ones there. Awesome!  Joey was tested for the Flu and Strep. Both came back positive.  OH MY GOD!  And I asked, oh so sheepishly, what kind of flu? His response, “The only flu going around is the H1N1.” Yikes!  Red lights flashing in my head!  I wanted to call all of my naturopathic doctor friends but I felt that they needed a break from all my badgering and questions I text them so late at night.

I was given prescriptions for both Strep and the Flu, the H1N1 virus!  And I was prepared for the worse.  After all, Joey’s little cousin was hit with it hard. Poor baby, fever and more high fevers for him.  Joey on the other had been sick, but fine!  He was a kid people!  We cuddled and did the asthma treatments, he had a serious wheeze, but after a few days, he was back to Joey.  And no one knew, no one freaked out and no one got the H1N1 virus from Joey.

This makes me so very happy because I keep hearing mom’s say, “You know what I heard?  My mail man’s friend’s sister’s cousin’s twelve year old son got the swine flu and died!” And everyone else is going, “OMG, why? How?”  “Because he had ASTHMA!!!”

Bullshit. Now I’m not saying that didn’t happen. But people are so terrified.  Let’s see, yes, complications can arise.  But people can die from anything, God forbid.  I’m serious, God forbid. 

And because I didn’t want to freak anyone out, guess what, Joey had the H1N1 flu virus and strep and he is fine.  No one got sick!  Wait, except little Ezekiel whom they share toys and flu with.

Moral of the story? Wash your hands and don’t leave the house! Wait, no.  Wash your hands and be happy and positive.



  1. I totally relate to your story! When we were all hit with the Swine Flu, I didn’t want to tell anyone, for fear that no one would ever want to play with us again or come to M’s b’day party (3 weeks down the line). Seriously! But we’re all better now!

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