Posted by: Anna | November 18, 2009

Resisting Change- Style

I could post a million pictures of myself within the past eight years or so and you will see that my hair ALWAYS looks the same. Here are three at different points in the past eight years.  (Except for this summer when I went sort of blonde, but didn’t end up loving it).

Eight months pregnant with Joey.

Joey was six months old.

 No more pictures, you can see my hair still looks the same! 

I am currently struggling to change my hair. I know the easy thing would be cut it super short, but then I would probably die.

I love long hair. I do. And I love being brunette. I have this love hate relationship with my bangs.  I have highlighted before, subtle, and I have cut it just below my shoulders.  No one could probably tell.  But now, it’s long, like almost at my waist long.  I would love a new look but not too dramatic, I resist change as much as I can.  So a question for you, what would you do to my hair???



  1. I love ur prego picture! Sooo cute! You look so happy….

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