Posted by: Anna | November 17, 2009

To all us four eyes-Style

This post is under style even though you are thinking I look depressed and unstylish. But you see, I am a chic. Okay, maybe not chic but I’m stylish, promise.  Have I mentioned I can’t leave the house without make-up on, okay, at least blush on. I can’t leave the house without blush, concealer, and my eyes!

I suffer from being blind.  And because my astigmatism keeps changing on me I cannot get surgery on my eyes just yet!  This morning I was in a rush to put my contacts on, but damn it! I should have just poured chili powder in my eyes, they burned that much!!!

 So, I had to wear my glasses today to function like a human being. It was a miracle I was able to put on my ‘face’ let alone eyeliner. But here they are… my lovely glasses.  Go ahead, I have heard most of the jokes…even being called Ugly Betty!  But at least I can SEE!

Glasses...Jai Kudo



  1. You loock beautifull honney, with glasses or with out.

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