Posted by: Anna | November 10, 2009

They help keep me sane

I try to do some things for myself to keep me sane. I make sure I am happy with what I am wearing during the day instead of throwing on sweats. I try to put on my makeup because God knows I just look happier with it on.

As soon as Joey was born I felt a little different than my friends who didn’t have kids. I did have friends who had kids but they all lived in a different state. With the encouragement of JB, I sought out a mom group. Joey was already about eighteen months when I joined one and let me tell, I’m so happy I did.

I’m a young mommy, I guess. I feel I’m just the perfect age to be a mommy. I partied hearty in college and right after college, when I could afford to pay for my own drinks and meals. (The whole having a guy buying you a drink is nice and all, but I like the fact that I can buy my OWN drink, thank you very much.)

So, back to my mom group thing…I work full time. And I am a mommy full time. I try to manage my career and my son. My son is my top priority.  To enjoy him and for us to enjoy each other I feel it is important to cuddle with him. Relax and plan activities. Joey is so young right now that I try to express how much I love him with affection.  With words and actions. I try to be patient and listen to his stories, which sometimes, funny thing, make no sense. I try really hard to teach him patience, manners, Spanish. He is young and absorbs everything.  My mom group allows me to finally fit in somewhere. The beauty of it is we are all mothers. We mother our children different, but the thing we thank God have in common is we are mommies.  I finally feel as someone understands. I have an outlet of women who are all smart, brilliant and have something to offer the world and do amazing jobs at mothering their own children.  I can bounce ideas off of them and we can share ridiculous, humiliating, hilarious stories with each other.   I usually don’t make week play dates with Joey due to work, but thank God for weekend ones and mom’s coffee and wild night (just kidding, I just threw that one in), because just a couple of hours away with them gets me back to sanity.



  1. Nice, I think we are due for a wild night! =)

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