Posted by: Anna | November 9, 2009

Tiny feet need big shoes

I really should post a photo of Joey bouncing.  He has needed shoes for at least a month. As a parent, you know that children, frankly, they are expensive.

Of course, I do not mind giving up stuff for myself. Especially last month when I picked up Joey from daycare; his daycare provider informed me that he kept taking off his shoes refusing to wear them. He was barefoot all day.

I couldn’t convince him to put them on. Once he finally put them on he kept saying “No!” I couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong. So what do you do when you have a two year old that can’t tell you EXACTLY what’s wrong? You MANY of questions.

Me: “Joey shoes?”

Joey: “No. No ma.”

Me: “Joey does it hurt?”

Joey: “Ummm.”

Me: (touching Joey’s toes) “Joey ouch? Does it hurt?”

Joey: (smiling) “Ya, ma, hurt. No shoes.”

Got it. So they hurt. I take off his socks and his poor little toes were red. Apparently he had athletes foot too! How does a two year old get athletes foot?! It was late that Monday, and I couldn’t run anywhere to buy a good pair of shoes.

The next day, grandpa watched Joey. (I couldn’t take him barefoot to daycare again!)

And we were off after work to purchase GOOD SHOES. Ugh, was that horrible and frustrating. I am very particular in what I buy Joey. I research, blah blah blah blah. So I knew I needed Striderites for him or Saucony or something that would breathe and flex.  I ended up buying Converse for twenty bucks…and he used them up quickly. Jesus, they lasted what a month?

So I finally headed out again with patience and we succeeded in buying not one, not two but 3 pairs of shoes. I knew exactly what I wanted, and thank God the department store had them. As soon as he put these on he was bouncing, skipping, jumping and running. Ahh, how he makes me happy.

I gave up some FABULOUS boots I saw at Nordstrom, but damn it –very well worth it.

I love these Saucony Kids Shoe. I bought them at Dillards for a steal.

joeys shoe

Did I mention, I got these on sale!



  1. Just want you to know we have the same taste in shoes 😉 I was soooo gonna get these for my lil man but sadly they didn’t have his size 😦

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