Posted by: Anna | November 5, 2009

Loud and short

Last night I lay in bed thinking about the funniest thing to write. It involved my sister who lives far away in Alaska. She is in the Army. I knew I should have jumped out of bed right then and there, but because I never sleep enough, I mean never, (by the time it’s time for me to hit the sack, I am always super hyper and can never get more than five hours of beauty sleep-God knows I need it RIGHT NOW!). Anyway, my sister…

Yes, she has a name. Jeannette. Joey is her only nephew, of course. I’m the oldest, and then there is her, then my little brother Eddie. The sick and hilarious thing is, we are all tiny and named after someone.

My sister is SUPER loud. I mean LOUD. She walks into a room and you know she has arrived. Why?  Because she tells you. Oh wait; she loudly announces her arrival “I’m here!” Good God, yes, I saw you little 4’11 little piece of ass.

I mean my sister is so loud I cringed at the idea of having her in my delivery room when I was giving birth to Joey. Although EVERYONE ended up in the room, I warned them and threatened them. Yes, I was mean, but have you pushed a watermelon out of a tiny hole? My point exactly.

My sister has a certain way of saying things; I find everything she says hilarious. And because she seems to be on the other side of the world right now, she calls Joey every day. Depending on Joey’s mood he’ll talk to her. Sometimes he will just yell “No!”Either way, she gets to hear him.

I mean we look like sisters! Whenever Joey see’s a picture of us together, he stares and thinks, “Damn, I have two mommies?” But as soon as he hears her, he knows. Ahhh, my loud and cuddly tiny aunt Janet!

And Eddie, well that’s another story. Uncle Eddie and us all live together. Eddie is small and so damn cute too. Joey loves Uncle Eddie. Although he has a hard time showing it. Eddie works at In-N-Out. (This is bad, as we love the cheeseburger’s animal style, yes animal, not doggie-I just went there). Anyway, we went last week and Joey freaked out. He was soooo happy to see his Uncle Eddie. We ate there and the entire time Joey was screaming his name “Eddie! Eddie!” Like OMG, I know where you work and I love it!

Thank God for my loud little brother and sister. I have no idea how they put up with me after torturing them so many times when we were younger and pulling their hair. –What? (If I pulled my sister’s hair there was NO evidence it ever occurred)

 Miss you sis!


Eddie, Janet and Me. Sister's going away party.



  1. Awww you are so sweet you are. I remember u then and I read now and u r the same the sweet lil girl in my art class.. Hahahah

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