Posted by: Anna | November 4, 2009

The Grump Family

Everyone has heard of the “terrible two’s”, then I hear that three’s are far worse. Good God, someone please help me!

I work. I get up, get myself decent and professional. I can’t decide what is worse. When Joey wakes up extra early and is running around, pulling on my shirt and throwing balls at my head making me poke my eye with my mascara brush, or asking him to wake up.

Yes, I have to talk to him. Baby talk. “Joey, baby, time to get up.” This morning, wow, he was extra grumpy. GRUMPY!!!!!!!

I have to admit, I’m a huge grump in the morning. Please don’t fucking talk to me! I just woke up. And you know what? I can’t see shit because my contacts are not in my eyes. I am blind too so not seeing irritates me. So, there, that is where Joey gets the grumpy from.

Most of the time, like every day, I find Joey’s early morning tantrums funny. Monday through Friday he refuses to wake up happy. He groans and whines, “No, No, No”.  But come the weekend, I swear to God, he wakes up even earlier, happy, jumping on the bed, “Ma, eat, mom, eat!”  Why does this happen? What am I being punished for? I can only anticipate the days where he can speak more clear. What? It’s next year? And the year after that?!

Yeah, you, the one cooing at your baby because he just woke up and learned how to roll over, be warned! He will soon talk back to you! Ya, being a mommy is great and all. I’m just saying, there should be an Acadamey Awards for the best kids who act out and whine, that’s all. Those adorable, cute little babies, ha, they are just preparing you for what is to come. Enjoy it now well you can.


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