Posted by: Anna | November 2, 2009

I love this mommy thing!

I have to admit that one of my favorite, favorite, favorite things about having a child, a super cute, smart and curious toddler who is two years old is…. everything! And the HOLIDAYS!

Halloween. I have been planning forever. And of course things you don’t plan for always happen. Like Joey and mommy getting sick. But with enough rest and vitamins and other good stuff we were all ready for our little Halloween party Saturday evening. And Joey had a blast!

Seriously, what is better than having a little cute boy dressed up and saying “trick or treat?” We got extra candy too. Everyone who saw and heard him couldn’t stop saying how cute he was. And, I know, you think I’m bragging, but whatever. The little monkey making monkey noises to impress anyone who would listen. Can you see it now?!

We also had to deal with ASTHMA. This was funny too. Anytime Joey runs or jumps he starts coughing, thanks to the change of weather here. So as we kept walking he would run to the door and start hacking up a lung. Before people threw us off their front door, he would say “TREAT!?”, so they soon forget he was about to hack up a lung and then some on their front porch.

Needless to say, from the carving our first pumpkin, to painting, dealing with asthma, trick or treating and allowing us to binge on candy, we all had a blast!  Ah, I am loving this mommy thing!

Mom, that is soooo gross!pumpkinmommy w joey 


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