Posted by: Anna | October 23, 2009

Halloween Obsessed

Lately I have been obsessed with Halloween. So obsessed, we are having a Halloween party for Joey and is little friends. Right, for Joey. I love the idea of dressing him up in his warm fuzzy costume, which he chose, as I struggle to decide on my own costume. As a MOMMY, I don’t feel comfortable being a SEXY ANGEL, Devil or SEXY anything for that matter. I want to be a mommy; a mommy who has a costume and looks appropriate.

In high school that was not the case. I would push myself to the limit because I knew back then, a track star, I could pull it off. And it didn’t help that my mother would encourage it. Case in point, grad night. California. Warm weather. What did I wear? A black, very low cut, backless, midriff baring halter top. Yup, no bra baby. Prom. A very fitted, skin sparkling colored, low cut, backless prom dress. Yup, no bra. My dad almost had a hard attack both times. (Not like I had a hint of cleavage back then).  My mother on the other hand, secretly waited for the day she could leave the house like that. I always knew my dad would freak out about my options and my mom’s encouragement to wear them, but I did it anyway. Always. And bikinis…I wore those too knowing my dad would freak.

Today, I find myself wanting an appropriate costume. Ya, I could wear tiny outfits…but how would that look to other mommies coming over. Exactly. And it’s bullshit. A mommy can’t be a slutty nurse at a kids birthday party, there is a line, and even though I’m in my twenties, I think it’s just better to be politically correct, thank you very much.

So in my journey as a mother, I obsess and plan everything; decorating, recipes that I may end up fucking up at the end. But I’m trying. I know the pictures ten years from now with Joey and all of us dressed up will be worth it. Even though the grandma in the picture will be the SEXY Nurse…I’m not even kidding.


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