Posted by: Anna | October 19, 2009

Four years and counting

Ten years ago I could not have imagined my life today. A good friend of mine just had baby number two, and since we were in town visiting their neck of the woods, we made plans to meet the new baby and have dinner. The whole gang was there, the four of us ladies with our now families.

Let me back up a little. These are the girls I ran track and cross country with in high school. Another funny story; two of us, not mentioning any names, were kicked out of cheer and joined track and cross country. Every since we met, we ran hard. We worked out hard, and then we would get together, throw the most obscure sleepovers and pig out! Eat till we no longer could finish. And it worked well for us back then, we would consume pizza, Doritos, cake, brownies, ice cream, I feel like I’m forgetting something, but anyway, after that, we would jump in Jodi’s pool. We could pig out then because we each use to run at least five miles a day! Five miles! I could barely run around the block today!

Our meetings and outings usually surround food. Mainly, because the super hero of Jodi, the one with two kids now, is such a great cook. So to rub it in she has us over for dinner and displayed how easy it was indeed to have two little ones running around. Not quite, but boy was her cooking good. And because we still posses our individuality, we had to take a snapshot of us today.

You have to understand that Diana, yes, the one downing the bottle of wine, loves pictures, I mean, we are eating and many years ago, dare I say it, we would moon people and take pictures of it. Wow, we are great examples for our children today. We once went to Vegas when we were sixteen, and I think to this day, had the best time then. No drinking alcohol occurred back then, but we owned the town for those four days. Now, on to plan our next trip together for our 30th. Yikes! Thirty years old?! Thank God we have four more years to go!!!



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