Posted by: Anna | October 7, 2009

So in love.

I am so in love. I feel like I am in a honeymoon stage with Joey all over again. I mean, when I brought him home two years ago from the hospital, yeah, I cried. You have a baby, you go home and now you are fully responsible for this beautiful human being. And now, he’s two. And I love him so much. He is growing so fast. He is becoming more independent, more knowledgeable, he speaks clears, and he knows what he wants. And he is my Mr. Future Kobe Bryant, David Beckham or all of the above.

 I don’t know how, but I’m just truly blessed. I guess I can say that I am lucky, but I like Blessed more.

 My family is not perfect. Nothing is. And I like it that way. Perfect is boring. Of course, I would like to meet the “Perfect” Guy, live the “Perfect” life, have the “Perfect” Job, but then I would be bored. This way, the way my life is now, there is more adventure and more appreciation for what I have and what is coming.

 In the meantime, I am enjoying squeezing my little boy and kissing him every single moment I can get. I love his hugs and I love hearing him say he loves me! There is no love like a mother’s love. I know that now. You really don’t appreciate your parents until you become a parent. Because as a mother, I would do and give everything for my son. I love him so much and I just thought you should know.


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