Posted by: Anna | October 1, 2009

Not hungover

When you are in your twenties, you usually stay up parting all night. I was an early bloomer I guess. I graduated ‘on time’ from college, got a job and partied hard. Not that hard, because I’m not quite the partier, and I would like to add that I have ALWAYS hated dating. Dating is so damn awkward.  Dinner, conversation, who pays for the meal, do I give the guy a hug?  I once had a guy tell me that we would be engage soon. On our first date! Let’s just say that that didn’t work out. Jesus, how I DO NOT miss dating! Anyway, when I was twenty-one I was able to party hard, drink, sleep two hours, and actually arrive early to work looking chipper. Let me just say, THANK GOD for concealer.  

Today, I stay up all night because Joey and I are both sick. And even though he wakes up pretty happy, I wake up late; dread the shower and getting ready. Blow drying your hair in Arizona is not fun. October here is July elsewhere. And yeah, concealer helps, but hello, you can’t hide under circles and bags no matter how hard I tried. Just like, after having a baby I can no longer leave the house without a bra. Oh, how I miss those days.  

On top of being under the weather, I have decided to seriously kick the coffee and sweets.  My clothes are starting to pinch my stomach, and no matter what size anyone is, a muffin top is not cute! And you would like to see a picture of me right about now, wouldn’t you? But I won’t give you the satisfaction of making fun of a woman in her mid twenties with a toddler on her arm and a muffin top. I won’t!


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