Posted by: Anna | September 30, 2009

Another story

Joey always has a lot to say. At least to me he does. He has such an exuberant personality, from the moment he wakes up to the moment he is closing his eyes, he has many, many stories.

Toddlers, like Joey, think only about “me”. Joey constantly says, “Me, ma!” “Joey, Mine”.  He has a daily opinion about what he is wearing, what socks he is wearing, and what snack he is having. I let my kid become independent. In fact, I highly encourage it. He feeds himself and I give him options that I chose. The most important thing for me is knowing he is healthy, loved, and safe and can become an independent child. And boy oh boy, is he mister independent. He takes long to do it, but if he does not like what I chose for him to wear, I tell him, “Okay, these are your clothes, you chose. Dress yourself and come out when you are ready.” I find it funny, because he does! He looks through all his clothes and finally comes out of his room with both legs in one pant leg and says “Help”. Of course he never matches, but he likes what he is wearing and that it what he is wearing. We are all happy.

Last night I finally caved and took Joey for a haircut. Haircuts are miserable experiences! Miserable I tell you! I much rather have another epidural than watch Joey’s lips quiver because he is deathly afraid of the buzzing sound. Okay, maybe not an epidural, but something close to that God forsaken pain!

Anyway, I even lured him with a lollipop so he can sit still, and he cried so hard. And he cried so hard, his lips were blue and his little hands were trembling. What was I suppose to do. He can’t decide everything! I knew he had to get use to a haircut. They don’t hurt. So after that turmoil I gave him lots, and lots of hugs. And two minutes off the chair he was back to chatty self.

Gotta love it.

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