Posted by: Anna | September 28, 2009

Gotta love the Grandparents

I was raised with the type of parents who were super strict, over protective and sheltering. My mom even told me that I would lose my virginity if I ever used a tampon. I can’t believe I just admitted that, but I know you just laughed out loud. And I dared never to ditch school in high school because I just knew I would end up running into one of them. I was deathly afraid of them, yet at the same time, they were the most caring. As dramatic and exaggerating as they were sometimes, they were always full of love. My siblings and I have the most loving and affectionate parents created. And because they are the most affectionate parents, they are even more the affectionate loving grandparents.

Joey has had my parents wrapped around his little finger since the day he was born.  You know how it goes, grandchildren can do no wrong.

The amount of love these two grandparents have is so endearing.  Living with them since Joey’s birth takes the relationship to a whole new level. They were both present at Joey’s birth, yes, they both saw everything! As a matter of fact, I remember asking my dad to please get out of the way. He was sitting directly in front of me while I was going into labor, like if there were no legs wide open in front of him. Jesus, privacy please! And during the whole ordeal, my mother tried to convince me not to have an epidural, because you know, it doesn’t hurt that much to have a baby. Okay, no more tangents.  

 Nana and Tata teach Joey Spanish, play with him, cook for him, and smother him. Yes, I raise Joey. I make all the decisions. But they can’t help but play with him. They make me laugh. I hate asking for help, but they more than oblige, especially grandpa. Sometimes I have to tell them to chill out. I don’t want a little spoiled kid. My mother talks to Joey in the most annoying baby talk, like she did all of us. Then dad, he dresses Joey, teaches him sports and takes him to the park. At least once a week, Joey goes play soccer with grandpa. He loves grandpa.

Every morning, he asks, “Tata?” And when he sees grandpa he yells “TA TA!!!” OMG, like he hasn’t seen him in forever! Too cute. Grandma on the other hand, just wraps him in her arms. He calls grandma “Nana” or “Ma”, it is so confusing sometimes. Are you talking to me Joey or your grandma? Because there is only one mommy and that is me!

 My son is beyond blessed. Not only does he have two parents who love him, but he lives with the most amazing grandparents who teach him and coach him. You got to love that. And yes dad, I won’t curse in all my blogs. Thank you for helping me so much. Especially right now, as I can only function with one arm…that story to come.





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