Posted by: Anna | September 24, 2009

Back in the day

I’m blessed to be a part of a mom play group. Simply because you share mommy hood in common. Like this following story.

I was driving once on the freeway to visit a friend. A friend who lived farrrrr! Like an hour away. Anyway, it was a Saturday. Joey was fed, he was clean and we were on our way. It was a little cold, so he was warmed up too. He was about three months old. He fell asleep in his car seat, which was great. Then he woke up. And boy was he upset. He cried and cried and it seemed like it would never stop.  I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on a lane to take me off the freeway. And you know how that goes. People are so damn courteous letting you merge so you can get to the side on the road and check on your little one.

YEAH Right! People were so mean! People were cursing at me, flipping me off. I think I honestly started crying. I wasn’t trying to cut them off. I had a baby in the back seat and had no clue why he was upset. Ugh, so there I am flipping them off back, thinking to myself, if they could only see him crying. When I finally merged on the side of the road this woman rolled down her window and cursed at me! Ugh, I had had enough. I gently opened the door to get to Joey so she can see him crying. I pulled him out, sat in the back seat and placed in on my lap.

My window was partially down. OH, and I knew that horse of a woman could see me cuddle Joey, take my boob out and breast feed him! Damn you bitch.

So next time you see a woman driving super slow and she keeps looking back to her back seat, take a damn chill pill. Let her go. I have also had to get off the road to change grotesque diapers. FYI.

-Thanks Risha for the reminder of what we all went thru. And you have twins!


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