Posted by: Anna | September 9, 2009

Maria Luisa Salguero

In our family, you are usually named after someone. Don’t ask me why, but I do like the tradition. I am named after my mother and grandmother. Anna (mom) Luisa (grandma) Garcia (dad). When I was pregnant JB asked to name Joey after him, and I liked the name, the biblical name, so I went for it; under one condition. His very American name had to have a Spanish flair, thus Luis. Named after me and my grandma and a couple of uncles. Here is the wonder woman who started it all. We were just in California celebrating her 70th birthday.


 Grandma, may I grow into a woman who is loyal, full of love, patience, and grace like you.  May I set an example such as you have done for me. Happy Birthday! May we celebrate many more to come!


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