Posted by: Anna | August 27, 2009

Ramblings about my life

Sometimes the normallacy of life frustrates me. I’m a planner. I like to know what is happening tomorrow. I’m quite the organizer but just in my own way.

My mess in life is organized. My mess is my room is organized. Very few people get me. I hate dirty stuff. I clean but can be messy. Joey is the same way. I don’t mind toys and books all over the floor. What’s the obsession with having all the toys and books off the floor? Who do I have to impress? Life is more fun and you find more joy when you can let your child enjoy everything he has. When he can he use his own hands, fork and spoon. When he can use his own cup. When he can use his own hands to draw and paint.

I allow Joey figure stuff out on his own. To express himself either through anger, tantrums or laughter. If he cries I hug him. If he laughs I laugh with him. And when he asks for daddy every night I assure him we will see him again tomorrow. Because once we have dinner with him during the week, daddy is always on the kid’s mind. So is grandpa. Joey cannot leave grandpa without waving and saying goodbye. And when he leaves grandma he usually leaches on to her before I hug him to go.

People don’t always get me. They always want to ask questions about my life. About my decisions. And I always get unsolicited advice. Relationship advice. Because you know how it works. Everyone is perfect besides me. Except I’m not the one fighting with my husband. I’m not the one divorcing or leaving my husband for the second time. I’m not fighting with my husband because I’m jealous. I’m not fighting with anyone because they are jealous. So even though my life doesn’t make sense to everyone, fuck it right?

This is my life. We are healthy. We are loved. We are happy. Struggling to get by just like the rest of everyone. But we are happy.

Plus, Joey thinks I’m a rock star. The best mommy in the world. And that my friends is what counts.


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