Posted by: Anna | August 24, 2009

Where’s my Pillow?

Last night I put Joey to bed in his own bed. His toddler bed. The bed which I so desperately want him to sleep in but I’m pretty sure he keeps falling off and that is what wakes him. I kept checking in on him last night. Every single time he was sleeping, half his body on the bed and the bottom half hanging off. It’s really no big deal since I have pillows, but he can’t sleep all night if he keeps falling off.

Every time I would check on him I would gently just put his legs on the bed, and it worked, he never woke up. But I just knew once I fell asleep he would fall off and it would wake him.

An hour into my sleep I can hear him, he’s mad and can’t fall back asleep. Then I hear him running into my room. I didn’t want to crawl in his toddler bed with him since I was so tired. So I told him if he wanted to be in mommy’s bed he had to grab his pillow. There he goes to get his pillow. He comes back with his blanket. I asked him, “Pillow?” He nods no.

“Okay Joey, close the door.”

So cute, he runs to his room and closes that door then closes our door. He tries to climb but I grab him. I tell him, okay, lay down. Then he gently falls back only to discover he forgot his pillow.

“Oh No! Ma?”

It was soooooooo cute. I was half asleep until that point. I grab his pillow so he can sleep with me.

And lucky me, he didn’t pinch my armpit all night.

So the bed thing isn’t really working, time to start saving money for a twin size mattress.


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