Posted by: Anna | August 19, 2009

On Demand

At two Joey is very articulate. He is a talker. And he knows exactly what he wants. Every second of the day, he knows what he wants. And if I don’t give him what he wants, he will figure out a way to get what he wants. And he usually always manages to figure out a way.  

His little brain is always ticking. Thinking and asking questions. His questions are more demands you know. Because at two God forbid I say “No” to any of his demands.

It’s starts as soon as he wakes up.

“Eat Ma”…”Eat”.


WhileI struggle to figure out to give him to hold him over before he goes to daycare and eats breakfast. I mean, are you really that hungry as soon as you wake up kid?

“Eat! Ma Eat!”

Then of course I have to convince him that the clothes he is going to wear for the day are much cooler than his PJ’s…because he would be in cartoon PJ”s all day if could.

“Joey! Look how cool this is! Wow! Look at this shirt I have for you!”

There have been times on the weekends as I scramble to make him his favorite banana pancakes that I say, “Just one moment Joey. Please be patient. Go watch cartoons, pancakes are almost done.”

And he is running around screaming “EAT!” I can distract him with something and lure him to watch Mickey Mouse.

“Oh toodles!” Lord, have you seen that show. Side note: Joey loves Mickey and he loves to pretend he’s Donald Duck making his voice. Super cute.

So anyway, when I go to see him and grab him for breakfast he is eating hot dog bread. I’ve said this before. Or if I am in la la land a Popsicle!

Currently I am trying to figure out a way for him to make breakfast on his own. I will just leave cereal and milk out for him next to Lola’s bowl so he can make it himself in the morning.

 I’m kidding…



  1. I think your writing is so good, i enjoy rearing it every day.. Buy the way i think the food for Joey near lola is a grate idea…..

  2. love your writing…

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