Posted by: Anna | August 19, 2009


I think it was March when I met my friend for lunch. We went to eat around her home, by my job, at a Vietnamese restaurant. Delicious and smelly all at the same time.

 We ordered and talked. Adult conversation, even though she was newly married and pregnant at the time. Our conversations are usually about things we love to do, things we want and things we hate. We also talk about our relationships or in my case lack of relationships. She is a straight shooter just like me, except, blonde and married.

 I was bitching about my job and lack of creativity. How I lusted for the creative part of what I use to do, and how I missed photography, which I fell in love with in college.

 A little snippet about me…I use to collect magazines. In college I wanted to move to New York and work for a fashion magazine. But once I reached the internship I wanted, without pay and money I stayed in Arizona.

 My college boyfriend even knew how much I loved magazines. Especially with the fashionistas such as Jennifer Lopez on the cover. He would buy them for me and knew that at one point he better not interrupt me as I studied the magazines. The makeup, the photographers, the fashion, the directors and producers behind the magazine shoots. My absolute love to indulge for hours and read back to front every inch of the magazine. I would even write to a few being published just a couple times.

 So in my bitching over my Pha Pho soup, my friends tells me, “Why don’t you write a blog?”

 “A blog? Really”

 I had no idea. That was a great idea. It had never occurred to me before. Can you believe it? If I would have written since the first day I found out I was pregnant you guys would have been hooked by now. My torturous process in telling the dad that I was keeping the baby no matter what anyone fucking thought. And the long story in those nine months to the most amazing and difficult two years as my life as a single mom. Big deal.

 I never wanted to write about being a single mom. What’s the big deal? I’m not the first, the only or the last?

 I won’t write about my dating life, but mostly about Joey.

 So as I sat there, I was like “No SHIT! That would be perfect!” There I was thinking that there were only a handful of women who wrote mom blogs. Who decided to pour their hearts out to the public audience on the internet for people to embrace, love or hate.

 So here I am, in the middle of the world with my little son who makes it spin for me.

 And although I do not write for a fashion magazine I do write about my life and enjoy painting you a picture of it.

Here are my two favorite blogs I love to read on a daily basis. Because besides thinking that I’m pretty fucking awesome, these moms kick ass too…

 Just don’t cheat on me for too long.



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