Posted by: Anna | August 18, 2009

Vaccines suck!!!!!!!

I have spoken about my love for natural medicine including many of my friends who are naturopathic doctors. Besides most of them being brilliant and handsome-alot of the world does not share our view. However, one beautiful celebrity does.

When Joey was born he did not have one immunization. Not one. And once he was struck with asthma and was allergic to most medications, I was so happy no one every pushed the matter on me. From my personal experiences in working with children struck with autism,  to the much research I have read and been told about, I am so happy to this day by my choice. My choice, because thank God we are all given choices to how we can raise our kids.

This is my personal opinion, but go ahead lets all get a little more educated.

Read  Jenny McCarthy’s story. This happens and it’s so exhausting the arguments against it. Actress Amanda Peet talked about vaccinating her kid last year calling parents who didn’t parasites. Therefore, I, Anna, Joey’s mom, am a parasite. Get over it.


McCarthy and her 7-year-old son, Evan.

For full article Cookie Magazine is on stands now.


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