Posted by: Anna | August 17, 2009

Bedtime stories

My life is usually filled with chaos. Every morning I rush and try to relax as I hurry to get myself ready before my little Joey wakes up. Because you know what that means right?

“Potty mama?” “Eat! Mamma eat!” So whatever I was doing at 6:50am to myself which could have been putting on mascara, underwear, or maybe getting out of the shower if I was running late, all of those things have to stop. And then of course while in the mist of attempting to put on eyeliner I poke my eye because Joey has decided to throw a ball in the bathroom which lands on my head. Or he likes to play in the bathroom that kid, while I gently shot out of the bathroom hot! Because God forbid he pull on my flat iron chord and burns himself!

Usually I try to sit him after I have changed him so he can read to his precious Elmo. Yes, Elmo. Because if he can’t see Elmo or find him I have to stop everything and help him look. Where is Elmo!?

Then off to daycare for breakfast, brain stimulation and fun, fun, fun. Off I go to work where currently is the busiest time of year, I almost want to scream.

After work drive to pick up my little one who I love to see after a long day with stupid adults! Figure how to please his palette as he eats his second popsicle-sugar free. Dinner, play, color, read, park our normal evening activities.

And my favorite time, bed time. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Not because he falls asleep, but everything that leads up to him falling asleep. His bubble bath. The hugs and his favorite part, Books. “Book?” “Book ma!” He has a huge collection of books. And one of my favorites is Olivia. Olivia the piglet who I adore. I love the books, the colors and I’m quite an entertainer because I get into character. And after mommy reads Joey likes to give it a try. It melts my heart. A wonderful and relaxing ending to most of my hectic days.

joey reading


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