Posted by: Anna | July 31, 2009

Worse than labor

Anyone who has been to Target at night has seen those moms with their crying kid who just will not shut up. And you’re thinking, “God, when are they just going to smack that kid?” Or, if you witness the mom actually smack the kid you think, “O MY GOD! I can’t believe that woman actually just smacked her kid in public!”

Well last night THAT WAS ME! I was the mom with the kid who was screaming at the top of his lungs. Let me ask you something. Are kids programmed to ask for everything and anything and then the next second scream for another thing? Are they programmed to hate vegetables too?

I was shopping for Joey so I was in the aisle where he pointed and screamed “MINE!” Then he would throw his head back and scream and throw his head forward into his hands and dramatically cried because mommy so sweetly said no. Then by the four hundred time of this I was like, “Get that kid away from me before I smack him!”

Not really, but I was thinking that. Then to top my shopping off as if it could get any worse than whispering threats to my almost two year old while gently smiling and patting his back saying, “Baby, it’s okay. We’re almost done.” My foot cramps! Oh my the pain. The excruciating pain. I almost threw myself to the floor from the paralyzing pain thinking this has got to be worse than child birth… doubt it.

For all those mommies out there who have witnessed this or have gone through this, go home, give the kid some Benadryl put him to bed and drink a beer. Happy times.

 I’m just kidding about the Benadryl thing. With all that crying he actually fell right to sleep.



  1. LOL! I’m always “that” mom with the screaming child! I have to tell her she will get no movies if she keeps pulling things off the rack and knocking down signs for fun…that’s why I carry sugar free jelly beans…it keeps her occupied for a little while 😉

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