Posted by: Anna | July 28, 2009

Not Diamond Dust

I know I have mentioned before my love for make-up. Lately, I haven’t been sleeping well. In fact, for some reason I slept maybe thirty minutes last night? I have no idea why. But I still wakeup early and do my makeup, because God knows I need it.

I was reading that Madonna used diamond dust from a 2 carat diamond as eye shadow while on tour! OMG, seriously? I can’t even to get a 1 carat diamond on my finger, let alone am I going to crush a 2 carat diamond for my eyes. No way.

But I do use some of the most fabulous make-up. After my whole acne stint, I called my doctor friend. I started to drink lots of water and doing some natural supplements. I started using a scent free face bar and lo and behold within weeks my acne disappeared. I actually couldn’t believe it myself. I was so busy with Joey being sick that I didn’t have time to obsess over my skin and that cleared it!

Well, I do have some post acne scars which are slowly fading. In the meantime I uses this genius of a concealer and its brush. It’s Laura Merceir Secret Camouflage. Love it!


It’s not diamond dust but look at my face.


I apologize for my lopsided, soccer punched eyes, it was really early. I have no excuse for the overplucked eyebrows, it must have been dark while tweezing.


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