Posted by: Anna | July 27, 2009

Kids are more fun

joey and ezekiel1

I kind of remember my weekends before having Joey. Sleeping, partying, shopping and living the life of no responsibilities. Dating, dressing in my “Anna” clothes and not having many cares in the world. Not really, partying a lot, and I was never into dating tons of guys either, as a matter of fact.

 But now my weekends are filled with Joey. And frankly, I prefer it this way. I’m not making stupid decisions as I had done before. And instead of dating idiots, Joey keeps me occupied to even bother responding back to the cat calls idiots give me in the parking lot, while pushing Joey in his stroller! Hello, I could even be married idiots!

 Anyway, this weekend I took Joey to his first showing at the movies. We went with my aunt and my cousin Ezekiel who is four, which I find to be the perfect age for Joey. These two boys love to play together. But to my surprise, Joey even sat through the whole movie with him, tantrum fee. Kicking back and watching and enjoying the movie. Score.

 After driving through hell I took Joey over Ezekiel’s. After a fun day filled with jumping off the couch, a busted lip and many memories we finally went home at 7:30pm. Ahhh, what a beautiful Sunday. Beats sleeping in after a Saturday night of debauchery and a hangover.


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