Posted by: Anna | July 23, 2009

The Big Bad Wolf

I try to make every effort to spend as much time as I can every day or night reading to Joey.  I’m proud to say Joey has far more books than he does toys. He has a vivid imagination and enjoys taking turns reading.

Last night I read a version of Little Red Riding Hood. He was enjoying the story, cuddling next to mommy. I get into reading him stories, pitching my voice and acting like the characters. I got to the part where the big bad wolf says “Grrrrrr.” That’s when Joey opened his eyes wide and starts saying “Noooo. Noooo.”  I continued reading. But he continued to say Noooo. This was so cute. I asked him if he was afraid of the wolf. He said yes, “Nooo Mommy.” So he went to get another book.

 By this time I was getting tired. He likes to drag on his bed time routine forever! So I started reading the book, again, raising my voice when I decided to stop. I said, “The End.”Closed the book and turned off the lights.

I felt like I cheated him a little, until 2 am this morning. When he woke up wanting to chat! Yes, of course it’s cute, his little chatter. But as you will see in my next post, the bags under my eyes just can’t take it anymore. I’m thinking about ways to knock him out tonight, Benadryl anyone? Just kidding!


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