Posted by: Anna | July 22, 2009

Clapping for Mommy

After complaining yesterday, Joey and I spent an amazing evening together, playing sports and coloring. He was awesome! We all ate dinner together, and besides his usual mess he did great.

 I had bought him this huge book to draw and color. I mean huge. We can lay it on the floor and both draw at the same time. While we did just that, he drew on one page and I drew on the other. He was practicing his circles in different colors meanwhile I drew a tree, flowers, a bird and turtle. It was so much fun. Joey stopped at some point and comes over to me to see what I have drawn. When he sees my drawing he starts clapping! “Wow! Wow Mommy!” OMG! How cute is that. He was so proud of me. My heart just melted. Then he goes back to drawing. After I draw the bird he is looking around the enormous page and screams with sheer excitement, “Birdie! Mom, wow! Birdie!”

 That’s the best. I forgot he was almost two last night.


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